Increase page views by writing profitable content

By now you have probably heard the advice that adding a blog to your website can help increase traffic.  Heeding this advice, you have been diligently writing posts each week to engage with your clients and potential customers.

But what if all that hard work has done nothing to increase your page views?

If this is happening to you, maybe it’s time that you take a long hard look at the type of content your blog has been generating. Are you blogging about topics only you are passionate about, or are you writing quality blog content that appeals to a much larger audience? If your blog site traffic is low, you might be writing about the former.

Profitable Blog Content is Going to Change your Business

What is Profitable Content?

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The days of writing posts about general life insights to gain a large following are long gone. Blogs have evolved and it’s the ones that focus on solving problems for the readers that are the ones reigning supreme. Blogs that contain profitable content are those that can answer “yes” to the question, “Is this topic something a reader would type into a search bar to learn more?” These blogs are meeting the needs of the reader and are experiencing increased rates of traffic as there is more than one person in the world asking that same question.

For example, if you write a blog titled “Smartphone X vs. Smartphone Y – Which one should you buy”, this is a topic that readers are actively looking for answers. It addresses a problem that consumers have and offers them insight which aids them in making a decision. A topic like “My introspections on life”, on the other hand, is not something that people would typically search for and therefore would not generate a lot of site traffic.


How do you create profitable content?

Personalize it

Knowing that helpful blogs are what’s in demand is only part of the process. You now need to put your own stamp on the subject. Start with a topic that you are familiar with and feel confident writing about and come up with a question you feel other people may ask about this topic. The answer to this question should then be at the heart of your post. Don’t be afraid to present the information from your perspective and add in some of your own personality. By putting your personal spin on the topic, you are creating distinct and original content which not only helps set you apart but also helps your site’s ranking.


Write for your audience

Profitable content not only answers a question but does so in a manner that the reader can relate to and understand. If you are writing a post geared towards a subject novice, keep your language simple and avoid using a lot of jargon and lingo that only advanced readers would understand. Find a way to present complex concepts in a manner that the reader only has to read once in order to understand. That’s not to say you need to dumb down the content, but you should find a way to explain the topic in a way that the reader can relate. The same can be said if you are targeting an expert audience. Writing in too simplistic of terms and language will bore the reader and cause them to move on.


Make it engaging

Profitable content should engage the reader and cause them to want more. You can have the most well researched article on the internet, but if it’s a dry read, written in a monotone manner very few people are going to read it. To make it more engaging, start by creating an eye-catching headline. To learn all about headline hacks, check out our previous post here.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not use great visuals to help illustrate your points. An interesting picture can entice a reader to click on the post and a well done graphic can concisely make your point. Therefore, use visual elements to your advantage to engage the reader and help promote your post.


How do you know you’ve created something profitable?

Now that you have written quality blog content that answers a question, you need to test it in action to see if all your hard work will pay off. Here’s what you need to do:

Make it visible

By highlighting the post in prominent areas of your site, you are making it easy for visitors to find. You can feature the post on your home page or other popular landing pages on your site, or you can include links to your post in prominent spots on your site. Make it easy for the reader to find to help bolster the popularity of the post.


Test the layout

You may not have realized that the layout of your posts can have a huge impact on the number of page views you get. If the article layout is too choppy or visually unappealing, your reader is not going to stick around long enough to find out what great content you actually have. This is why you need to run a few tests to see what layouts resonate the best with your readers. Run A/B testing on different layouts, headlines, visuals, and placement of links to see what works best. Once you have found your layout sweet spot, use the same format for all your blog content to create a consistent feel to your website.


Check your stats

Once you have created your content and are confident in your layout, keep an eye on your Google Analytic stats to see how your posts perform. If you find certain topics are outperforming others, delve deeper into those subject area to create more content that your readers want. Later on, once you have some solid performers that are consistently getting traffic, change up your promoted posts with these high performers to help attract even more traffic.


What’s the end game?

The whole point of writing profitable content is to not only attract more visitors to your site but to also build your brand. When readers become engaged, they start to trust you and will see your business as an authority on a subject. By capitalizing on this new-found trust, you can monetize your blog to help turn your site profitable. To learn more about how to make money using your blog, click here.

By changing your blogging strategy to include more posts with profitable content, you are opening the door to increasing both site traffic and the potential for more clients or sales down the road.



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