Starting creating your first website either for private use, a brand, an organization, and/or business is a great feeling – not until you’re caught in the mind twist of “WordPress vs Squarespace which is a better choice”.

Well, you’re not alone, millions of users have been asking similar questions, however, making the right decision between WordPress and Squarespace depends on what you want from your website builder.

Go for Squarespace if you crave stunning, high-quality templates. Also, it’s fairly easy to and it’s beginner-friendly.

If you think about content management, for large or multiple websites, then WordPress is a no-brainer. That’s if you love customization and power in your website.

In this article, we’ll be giving reviews on some important features to enable you to make the right choice on WordPress vs Squarespace.

WordPress vs Squarespace Which is Best for You

Before opting for either WordPress or Squarespace, consider these 7 keynotes comparison between WordPress and Squarespace for a satisfactory experience:

#1. Ease of Use

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website builder making it user-friendly. You’re confident of building your website with a single knowledge of coding or spending a coon on a professional website builder.

We might not say 100% the same with WordPress, WordPress is for technically savvy people, if your ears in he’s at the sound of coding, steer clear from WordPress rather than hire an expert.

#2. Design

According to our findings on user reviews and user experience (UX), Squarespace was built with great user experience in mind. It had stunning, customizable designer templates which you could drag props and edit to taste.

WordPress offers a sea of themes to choose from, but they appear low quality except for premium offers or some coding skills to chisel out something wow off WordPress themes.

#3. Pricing and Value for Money

You have a 14-day free trial to decide on Squarespace whether to go for one of their 4 premium plans. Whichever plans your heart pops for, save from $16 per month to $49 per month, well, that’s something right?

Let’s say WordPress wins the lottery here, WordPress itself is free but if you have lots of options when it comes you wish to include hosting, themes, plugins, hiring help, and more. Budget at least between  200 – $15,000, but WordPress is free.

#4. Features

Squarespace is rich with inbuilt features such as commerce, connectivity, marketing, analytics, extension, etc. Also, new features are updated regularly for optimum performance, and that’s why users can contribute little to nothing about its functionality.

Hers is where WordPress stands out, with only necessary in-built features, leaving the rest for the user to manipulate with the use of incredible plugins for extra functionality. WordPress is third-party friendly.

#5. E-commerce

As said earlier, e-commerce is an inbuilt feature in Squarespace, meaning you’re restricted to available sales features, including great inventory size, but slightly lacking in apps and payment options.

WordPress comes off as a powerful and customizable tool; that’s if you can manage it. The catch is it’s difficult to navigate and lacking in customer support.

#6. Blogging

You’ll do fine starting with Squarespace blogging templates, however, it won’t be long till you notice that you’re not in for a treat. That’s where you should consult WordPress.

WordPress is meant for the blogger and blogging. You can’t exhaust the Numero plugins and inbuilt blogging features, all working for a second-to-none blogger experience.

Interestingly, there’s a whole community dedicated to bloggers where you can leave a comment on another blogger’s site. What a good time to request a favor.

#7. Security

You’re in for full security benefits from Squarespace. Your security and updates are managed for you, plus Squarespace experts take care of any security issues in the future.

Don’t be so happy with WordPress, here, the security of your website is your responsibility. You snooze, you lose.

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WordPress vs Squarespace Draw Features

The 7 highlights above are what you should be sure of before deciding between WordPress and Squarespace.

However, there are where WordPress and Squarespace seem to agree at a draw point, and they include:

  • Site Migration
  • Mobile Editor
  • SEO

Who Should Use Squarespace and WordPress?

“What do you want?”

Squarespace is a website builder; WordPress is for Content Management Software(CMS), and as such they serve slightly different benefits to diverse users depending on their needs.

Here is who should use Squarespace and WordPress on a need basis;

Website builders are one-stop for all tools required to build a website from ready templates to hosting.

Coding skills are a factor with a website builder like Squarespace – although you might if you want to. Also, it gives you the alpha control over all your sites in one place. You won’t even break a sweat with Squarespace.

What did they call WordPress a powerful platform?

WordPress, a Content management system(CMS) is a complex software, it’s made for handling larger websites with big data. You can customize websites built with WordPress CMS by coding – if you know how to code – or drag drop edit and paste, which is easier. The best move is to get a website builder to help you out.

Keep in mind that you’re to find a hosting provider yourself, I believe that wouldn’t be an issue, plus you’re in for big space for large sites which makes scalability at its peak.


#1. Does Square Space have a free trial?

Squarespace has a 14-day free trial and that’s it. After 14 days, you’re to choose one of its 4 plans which goes between $16 to $49 per month.

#2. What is the control measure over your website with Squarespace and WordPress?

Squarespace offers a series of terms and conditions you must keep to own your website, not much of a control is it? WordPress as a CMS tool, gives you 90.8% control over your websites, good luck with that.

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