Ok, so why should you check out WP Website Help? Well, of course, that is a great question! Here's how all this applies directly to you. We have looked out over the WordPress landscape and believe that many people/individuals along with entities (such as businesses, non-profits, ministries, etc.) could benefit greatly from limitless support on their WordPress websites and blogs. There is a tremendous power with using WordPress. Really, just about any idea or anything you can dream-up as it relates to being online can be accomplished with it.

However, there is also a lot of things people need help with along the way (some things you know and probably tons of things you don't know you don't know as well)! Well, we help by relieving much of the WordPress stresses, confusion, and headaches so that you can focus more on your specific endeavor. We help take much of the weight off of your WordPress shoulders to give you peace of mind so you can focus your mind.

The general rule that applies here when you want to achieve something great with your WordPress website or blog is that it is great to have awesome support to help you achieve the results you are looking to accomplish. This is why we at WP Website Help have created a process/method in which to provide great help and support. In addition to limitless support on small jobs you get maintenance, security scans, backups, suggested solutions for your ideas, regular personalized site improvement recommendations, and more.

Just as important is the fantastic/pleasurable process that includes realtime transparency and job progress updates. The job request process will fit the way anyone works whether it is by email only or through a ticketing/case-number method. It is all there for you to see, reference, and monitor. We do this to maximize flexibility and overall happiness for you! When logged in you can also open/close jobs, reply, review updates, see history/current status, reopen jobs, etc. You will also have a copy in your email as well.

Maintenance Automatic

If you request us to handle, the maintenance, updates, backups, core, plugins, security, etc. are monitored daily/weekly and we take proactive steps without you having to remind us. So, that part is fully automatic for you. However, you can send in requests on any of these items at any time. Tips and suggestions for your specific WordPress site are given regularly as we notice them as well!

Step 1

Simply request your job via email OR login to your account’s support control area by clicking “Request Job!”

Step 2

We give you real-time status updates of progress. You will receive them periodically both by email and they can be seen in your support control login area. You are continually being kept in the loop. Some jobs can be done in a few hours or less and some may take 1-2 business days depending on the nature of the job request). We strive to get it complete as fast as possible without sacrificing quality as well. A history and archive of past jobs are available for your reference anytime.

Step 3

You enjoy growing/working on your endeavor (business, personal, student, education, non-profit, ministry, etc) instead of worrying about WordPress issues! Once you signup, click “Request Job!” to begin (after checkout you should be taken there automatically). Be sure to read the brief Guidelines to Request Job section/tab after you login so we can best serve you.

livechat is available much of the time on the site (look on the bottom right, left tab, or other places throughout the site). If we are not available at the time, use it to leave a question/message (or use the contact us form) and we assure you we will promptly reply back as soon as we can. Our desire is to provide you with superior all-around service. We may be currently providing service to others, stepped away, or you have caught us during extended hours. Our current hours are posted under contact us.

What are some other things we can do for you? Well, quite frankly, a lot! This is certainly not exhaustive by any means, but just gives you some ideas about the sort of things we can help you with doing on your WordPress website. See some examples here. Additionally, we have some FAQ here.

The relief of knowing someone is there to truly help you with much of your WordPress solutions is tremendous. We genuinely desire to care for each and every one of you. Additionally, we take feature requests and suggestions very seriously to be sure our customers are, and will always remain, extremely happy. Right now, you can be up and running and have your first job request submitted to us immediately.

We are releasing WP Website Help during the holiday season (Dec 2014), so we are extending two very special opportunities if you become a member of the family this month as a result. In addition to the two holiday specials (see the links below to find out more), we also have a 30 day money back guarantee! Allow us the honor to begin your first job request. You will find the two holiday specials we are speaking under both See Plans and/or Get Started.

WP Website Help is based out of NC (USA) and has a team of global WordPress (WP) fanatics who love to help others harness the power of WP without all the stress. We are also entrepreneurs who love technology and making stuff online work to produce desired results! It helps people tap into the power of online tools to achieve respective successes in their various endeavors.

Check us out at: https://www.wpwebsitehelp.com/

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