Can Readers Find Your Blog or Is It Lost in Cyberspace?

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There is little that’s more frustrating as a blogger than putting all your time and effort into a blog post and then...crickets. Nobody is reading your posts. Today we are giving you some tips on how to market your blog.

market your blog

Share on Social Media

As a blogger, you should have a profile on Facebook and Instagram for sure, and Instagram is another social media platform that may help market your blog. Share your posts on the day it’s published, and then periodically after that. Share seasonally appropriate posts as long as they still apply. For example, don’ t share posts about Christmas in June, but if you’ve been blogging for more than a year, share that post closer to December. If the information appears dated, you can always rewrite the article and republish it under a new link with the updated information.

Building your social media following can be tough, but if you follow these tips, you can create an engaging group of followers.

Create a Facebook Ad

If your marketing budget has a few dollars in it, you can create a Facebook ad to increase your page views. Facebook gives you the option to boost a post or you can create a whole new advertisement.

It’s a good idea to create a new ad, as you have more options than when you boost a post. Consider doing the following to ensure you get the best bang for your advertising dollars:

  • Target your audience based on interests and demographics
  • Run a 48-hour split test to see which audience converts the best
  • Insert the Facebook pixel in order to re-target readers

Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is the world’s second largest search engine, so it’s a great idea to market your blog on this giant platform. All you need is a vertical pin, some appropriate keywords, and a Pinterest account. Use the keywords so that your post gets found by the people searching for that information, and consider using long tail keywords for less quantity, but higher quality hits.

You can also create a Pinterest business account which allows you to post with rich pins, making it easier for the giant search engine to share your posts.

Write it using SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to market your blog. Use a WordPress plugin such as Yoast in order to optimize your keywords. Consider using long tail keywords and other best practices in order to make it easy for search engines to find your website. It often takes around 2-4 months for SEO to take effect, but if you post regularly using keywords, you should start seeing traffic from search engines.

Share on Flipboard or Stumbleupon

Data is mixed about the benefits of using sites such as Flipboard or Stumbleupon, but if you are seeking more readers, it might be worth figuring out the platforms.


Flipboard is an app that collects information and shares it in a digital magazine format. If you have an account, you can save your own blog posts and the magazine will share it to readers it thinks might be interested in your content.


Stumbleupon is more search engine than a social platform. You can save your content and it will be shared with readers. The Stumbleupon algorithm shares your posts the more you share and like other posts, so interaction is very important with Stumbleupon.

Send an Email to Your List of Subscribers

Readers who are on your list are always a great target for a new post. They are considered warm traffic and you generally have to do less to get them back. You can use an email service provider to send an email every time you publish a new post, which will increase the number of hits on the post.

Email marketing is an often underutilized method of marketing, but it’s better than social media simply because you are not at risk of losing followers because of changes in algorithms. Start building your email list with these tips.

How to Keep Readers Coming Back

Write amazing content

It should probably go without saying, but creating great content that’s designed to help, inform, or entertain your target audience is the best way to get more views on your blog.

Comment on their comments

Engaging with your readers not only shows them you care, but it also helps the Google algorithm.

Create a great free opt-in offer and build your subscribers list

It’s impossible to send an email to your subscribers if you don’t have any subscribers. Create a great lead magnet in order to increase the number of subscribers. Then send informative emails to your readers regularly, sharing information they will find helpful and interesting.

Market your Blog Using These Tips

Building your readership is a long term game for most bloggers. Learning how to market your blog will help you both today and in the future. 


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