Some of the Best WordPress Themes Offered for Free and Premium Users

There are a lot of people who are now interested in starting their own websites. And, for beginners, WordPress is always their go-to site. If you have already started creating your website, maybe you are already in the middle of finding the best WordPress themes and choosing something that can best match your niche.

When finding the best theme, you might consider getting free themes or choosing from premium ones. No matter what you choose, having a list of the top choices will make choosing easier for you than just settling with a few options.

If you want a wide range of options, you can get a list of both premium options and free ones. You can also decide on which one to choose depending on what you need on your website. It is best to start with the free ones first. And then, you can proceed with the premium themes to choose the best one for you.

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Best WordPress Themes Offered For Free

There are a lot of beautiful and professional looking WordPress themes offered for free. These are sure to meet your every requirement and these options are as follows:


This has a classic blog template that is ideal for beginners and for those who are not planning to change their themes as much as possible. Hemingway is a lot simpler and more elegant that makes it a great theme option. This is also especially because it won’t look an old theme despite the changing trends.

It has a two-column layout that comes with a large and classic typography that allows you to make all text readable. It is an ideal option for bloggers not only due to its classy design. It is also because of its responsiveness for both desktop and mobile users.


If you plan to make a blog for people who love long reads, then this theme is suitable for the blog you plan to put up. You can put a lot of text on your homepage without making the page appear look cluttered or even messy.

All articles that you will post will be arranged in a column. Each will also be given enough space that separates every article decently. Every article will also be given a decent length for its intro. This makes the entire homepage great to look at.

SKT Full Width

If you like filling your site with impressive images, this theme is then even perfect for you. With this theme, you can choose the best images you want and fill the entire browser window with it. You can also add up short descriptions through the use of an overlay text. But then, it is also best that you keep the images in their right sizes. The purpose is to make sure that each one will be displayed appropriately on large screens.


For those interested to start a magazine blog, this is the theme that you should consider. The name itself describes what you expect from a magazine-style blog. You can also enjoy the sight of the bold headlines and the beautifully arranged layouts that can still look good despite of the device that you choose.


Those whose passion is in photography or who like to offer their illustrations should also get this theme. The layout includes a single slot intended for the main image you want to use to welcome all visitors. There will be a grid of 12 for you to put 12 of your great works that will leave a lasting impression to visitors. This theme allows you to make use of the space to provide various contents in one screen without scrolling or clicking.

After the best WordPress themes are offered for free, you can also choose from the premium WordPress themes. This is best for you especially if you are eager in investing some of your money for your blog.

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Best WordPress Themes for Premium Users

Premium users can actually take advantage of WordPress themes that include audio or video features. This makes the themes more interesting for visitors. This can also attract more traffic that is essential for your website. Some of the best WordPress themes for premium users are:

X The Theme

Some are dubbing this as the ultimate theme for 2016. This best combines elements like premium functionality and design. This enables you to create unlimited websites with the use of the same theme. After it was introduced in 2014, it became successful and it even received positive reviews.


This is a theme made exactly for those who are interested in photography. This is also for those who are interested in creating impressive portfolios for their potential clients. It is the leading theme option that provides a unique platform with built-in system for a gallery. There is a photography options panel along with other built-in features that makes customization possible. Since it is backed with great reviews, starting your photography career online is surely a breeze.

Nexus Modern Magazine

For those who are looking for a magazine style theme, this is a versatile theme for you. It provides a lot of content modules, short codes and styles that can give you a complete control on the entire theme. This theme has a lot to lay on the table such as the abundant features and impressive layout. These now allow you to have an impressive start with your magazine style blog site.


Recently updated, Uncode features an impressive pixel perfect theme that boasts for its attention to detail. It is among the top seller themes in ThemeForest that lets you enjoy your creativity when customizing your site. A lot of WP users find it as their favorite theme and considers it a highly recommended theme for everyone.

The Abundance

This is perfect for ecommerce sites. This one is also a great option for those who want to offer an impressive online shop wherein 5 different slideshows can be made while these feature different products. It offers a lot of space to create your impressive portfolio and it features an HTML5 support that allows programmers to focus on what they do best.

Choose from any of these best WordPress themes and find the one that exactly meet your needs for the site that you want to build for your niche.

Divi is likely the best Multi-Purpose Theme on the Planet Right now and here are so good Visual Drag and Drop Themes.

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